The Mercenaries of Uldoon Trail

Curtis Talbott

Intelligence Gathered

Talbott looks blankly not quite comprehending what Valkur is saying, but then his eyes once again go wide with the realization of what’s at stake. He speaks faster; a bead of sweat drips down his brow.

“Severin Silrajin has immense wealth and power. Still, the Dragon Queen requires a huge horde gold and other itemsto unlock the spells that bind her, but I do not understand anything about that. The Cult of the Dragon has been growing. People are turning to Tiamat. Peasants and sell swords yes. Kobolds and other beasts too. Yes, there are some horrors among us, but dragons too! It is truly a great sight.”

Aye you are perceptive in your sarcasm; noble birth. Noble lineage for the Cult of the Dragon. Born outside Luskan. I have been part of the Cult since birth. I have been sent South. I work with Mondath and Cyanwrath. They lead the Southern forces. I report to Rezmir the half-dragon Wyrmspeaker of the Black. The army here is 200 strong. Reinforcements are outside Berdusk. Another 400 there. We have fortifications in the Reaching Woods and an army outside Scornubel. Its over a thousand strong. All hiding around the Reaching Woods.

There are five heads of the Cult. One for each of the dragon types. Severin Silrajin is the Red Wyrmspeaker and head of the Cult of the Dragon. I do not know where he is. Rezmir is the Black Wyrmspeaker. I last spoke to her outside Berdusk, but she is close. She moves with a large force. We are consolidating the gold…I do not know more. Mondath holds that information."

Talbott pauses and looks at his hand. He flexes it; he doesn’t want to have it cut off. "She said there was a group that cut a hole into our force from the east side of town. She wanted to trap the mill to lure them in. I was sent to spring the trap. Previously, we hoped to divert some of the MUTs out of town to one of the outposts. It would appear that failed. Stupid kobolds showed up late… Mondath is in town leading the forces directly.

“The Cult of the Dragon ordered the attack. Our power has increased 100 fold these past years. We have evolved and our ambitions have grown. Your town shall fear the Cult. Your town shall soon know of the coming of a new age. Your Town will soon know of Tiamat. Her reign will be unending. The Cult will bring her back into this world. To do so, we require gold and artifacts. We hunt these now. The goal is not just the castle but the wealth of this poorly defended community. The Mercenaries of Uldoon Trail are not match for the Cult. We have amassed substantial amounts of gold tonight I am certain and the blood that accompanies it pleases Tiamat.

The dragon you speak of is named Lennithon though I am certain its really name is far superior. How magnificent! You lowly mercenaries experienced something so legendary. Know and fear the power of the Cult of the Dragon! The Dragon has no interest in you people. You are nothing to him. He is meeting the head of our Cell and passing through. He has enjoyed feasting on your townsfolk. We have the eggs of another dragon in our possession too. Have you ever seen the hatchlings before? Such terror!

Our armies are massive. We operate in cells. Tonight we have attacked all over the sword coast to foster in the Reign of Tiamat! We have great armies. We can infiltrate even further. We are everywhere.



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