The Mercenaries of Uldoon Trail

Janelle Nighthill

The First Lady of the Greenfields

For Torrgon:

“Hero of Greenest, you awaken. I am Janelle Nighthill First Lady of the Greenfields encompassing the cities of Greenest, Berdusk, and Iriabor. I owe you a great debt. You see, the Governor and I were visiting Huntington the Reeve of Greenest when the attack occurred. The Reeve and I were in the market. Sadly, he was taken prisoner and not released as I was and I fear for the worse. I have you to thank for my life. The Governor will not forget that.

I am here to invite you to our home. The Governor’s Estate is located in Berdusk. Once you are fully healed, we would invite you to our mansion for a celebration and to honor you with a title." She bends down to kiss you. I watched your battle. You showed bravery I have never seen." She sighs.



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