The Mercenaries of Uldoon Trail

Prisoners at the Mill

Intelligence Gathered:

Catured kobold stated: “No kill! No kill! He da bosses! I tell you everything. Come here. Take gold. Lots of gold back to base. Take, take, take. Be riches for dragons. Big boss dragons. I do as told. No kill! Please no kill me. I not take much gold. No killed that weak human boy or the old man. I told you go. Kill bad humans who killed brother. You killed brother. I go. I fight. You killed friend with fork! You eat kobolds!! I eat humans!! No no no! I no do that. No do that. I good. No kill. You kill. You kill. I see you. Saw you! Kill with fork, why you do that? Magic like dragons. They come kill you yet you see. Kill you yet. I no kill. But you die you see.”



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