The Mercenaries of Uldoon Trail

The Mercenaries Meet on the Road

Experience Recap:

9 defeated kobolds: 9X25= 225/3 = 75 each.
Role play experience: 25 each.

Torrgon: 200 XP
Thorne: 100XP
Hammerhand: 100XP

300XP needed for level two.

Intel from the kobolds:

The kobold spills his story with one look of the appendage. “We big group. Lots more than us here. Big bosses. Big big boss Lennithon. He big—Lord Lennithon. Rezmir there too. Rezmir in charge. No hurt I tells what I know. You no kill me!” The craven beast pleads for his life sobbing pathetically. “I no know place. I follow orders. Big boss says go. I go. We attack human house. Make trap. We kill you. More people come. We kill them too. Orders are that. Village wanted we takes it. Need gold for big bosses. Green is gold they says. So much of it. We wants it. All I know. All I know. I swears it. I swears!” The kobold clasps his hands together begging for mercy."

The other two kobolds push themselves away leaving the one isolated and alone. They say nothing.

“We come North. Where big bosses be. Go this way. Others go other way. We come with Zatzil but he go lost. We attacks. Big bosses go to Greenest. Greenish? Theys attacks. I no not more! I not say anythin. I go?”

Main Characters:




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