The Mercenaries of Uldoon Trail

The Uldoon Trail

Return to Greenest

The sun is setting as you begin your dinner at Outpost G2. There are two outposts between Greenest and Iriabor called G2 and I2. Each outpost is two days from its respective municipality as per the initial. It’s a stupid name but someone obviously thought it sounded smart. The Outpost themselves are simple walled fortifications with an inn located in the middle as well as a large stable. There is a watch tower at the top of the inn. The protective walls are barely six feet high. Patrols between Greenest and Irabor maintain a constant guard. Farmers and merchants pay to spend the night and for the protection the mercenaries provide.

The past few days have been easy and you are all looking forward to heading back to Greenest for some time off. The boom times have been good for you. The pay is reasonable; you will be paid100 gold pieces once you get to Greenest. The Inns are nice and these jaunts out to the Outposts are quiet and straightforward. The food out here isn’t half bad either and you’re allowed two drinks per night (at your own expense).

Aside from your squad, two outpost guards, a couple of farmers, and the proprietor the Outpost is empty, which is a little unusual. Normally you would expect to see several other merchants and famers at the outposts.

From your squad, Belinda begins telling dirty jokes to the proprietor Geoffrey. Her jokes make him blush and she is rewarded with a free ale. Theon works with you and has proven competent, but he seems very slow to trust anyone and keeps to himself. Can you actually trust him?

As for the rest of the squad. You are all pretty new and this is the first time you have worked together.



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