Nedgar Hammerhand


Wizard Level 3

Strength: 11
Dexterity: 14 (2)
Constitution 11
Intelligence 19 (
Wisdom 15 (2)
Charisma 17 (

Hitpoints: 9
AC 12

Arcane Recovery
Arcane Tradition: Evocation— Allies automatically succeed on save throws

Magical Items

Original Spellbook:


Dancing Lights
Shocking Grasp
Firebolt: Range attack. 1d10 damage.
Ray of Frost

First Level

Magic Missile: 3 X 1d4+1
Sleep: sleeps 5d8 hitpoints of creatures
Fog Cloud: 20’ radius of fog for one hour.
Thunderwave: 15’ cube 2d8 thunder damage. Pushed back 10’ on failed save.

Evocation Master’s Spellbook Volume I
Level 1
Alarm: Sets alarm to door or window or area 20’ cube. Mental alarm if within 1 mile or audible. Lasts 8 hours
Burning Hands: 15’ cone: 3d6 damage if fail save.
Detect Magic
Featherfall: 5 creatures affected. Slows fall for 60’
Illusionary Script: duration 10 days. Writes in code understandable only to those you want to read.
Protection from Evil: You or one you touch protected against: fiends, undead and similar creatures. They will have disadvantage on attacks. Immune to charm, fear, possession.
Tenser’s Floating Disk: duration 1 hour. Creates a disk that can carry 500 lbs.
Unseen Servant: Servant performs simple tasks.

Level 2
Continual Flame: Object you touch catches fire like a torch but doesn’t burn or provide heat. Lasts until dispelled.
Flaming Sphere: 5’ Sphere of fire 2d6 damage. Moves 30’ lasts one minute.
Melf’s Acid Arrow: Make ranged attack. 4d4, add 2d4 next turn. Half damage if miss.
Web: fills 20’ cube. Creatures are stuck fast if fail strength check. 2d4 damage if on fire.

Level 3
Sleet Storm

Evocation Master’s Spellbook Volume II

There are three spells in this book that you can not yet read.
There are about two dozen blank pages of parchement for new spells.

Wand of Magic Missiles (depleted)
Wand of Firebolt (10 Charges) 1d10 on successful range attack.

Fog Cloud
Mage armor
Shield: +5 ac bonus. Immunity to MM


Three potions of willow bark (+1 hit point each) and other herbs for indigestion. You also find clean towels, bandages, and four healer kits.
Book on History of the Greenfields
Book on History of Waterdeep


Nedgar (like Edgar) Hammerhand is not his father’s (Sedric) Hammerhand. Lord Sedric is a rough and ready leader of men, his son Ned, is not. Sedic and his other three sons are tall and strong, drawn to the sword and the horse, Ned is not. Ned is if nothing else, a disapointment. He was more interested in frogs and spiders than war and strategy and the ditance between Ned and his father became obvious. His first sword fighting lesson started at this father’s insistance and ended with a broken arm. It was during his recovery that Ned found his love of books and quickly read every volume in the castle. His father felt bad and had a library built to provide a place for his son and a place to hide the family shame away in a back room. He gave up on this son, which was fine with Ned. It gave Ned time to read and he read and read. One day he came across an old tale of wizards and magic, dragons and demons. The idea of magic fascinated him. He had found his calling…

He is thin, of poor health but but has smooth features that have not been marred by the scars of battle or hardships of the field. He is a beautiful boy and has often been mistaken for a flat chested woman with his long fair hair. He has often had to say “No I am not girl.” The girls like him and often confide their secrets with him. He has used his high charisma to charm the ladies many a time into his bed or theirs.

The day that his father has waited for has finally come. Ned’s 21 birthday has come, his father has purchased a travelling set for him and has arranged tuition in a far away magic academy. “Make me proud.” Sedric Hammerhand said and with a slap on the back sent his least favorite son away from his sight.

Ned is not very strong, high intel and wis, ok des, low con but high charisma.

Nedgar Hammerhand

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