Torrgon "Torr" Hillbrand



Ranger Level 3
Gold Dwarf (Hill Dwarf)
Age mid 90’s (young for a Drwarf)
The Nether Mountain range in the Silver Marches
Proficiency Bonus +2

Torrgon Hilbrand Stats:

Strength: 17 (3)
Dexterity: 17 (
Intelligence: 12 (1)
Wisdom: 15 (
Constitution: 15 (+2)
Charisma: 10 (0)

Hitpoints: 21

AC: 16
Att: 4 total bonus. (2 Proficiency bonus, +3 strength bonus)

Skill Proficiencies:

+ 5 Athletics
+ 3 Insight
+ 3 Intimidation
+4 Survival
+ 5 Stealth

Favored Terrain: Forest
Favored Enemy: Dragon
Ranger Archetype: Hunter

Dragon’s Rage (Two Handed Battle Axe) Resistance to Red Dragon Fire breath weapon.
Properties: Axe vibrates with anger when dragons are near.

Levels 1-2: +1 battle axe, Advantage vs Dragon, 100’ warning of dragon.

Level 3: +1 battle axe, Advantage vs Dragon, 100’ warning of dragon, 1d4 fire damage, Must draw blood before end of combat sequence or suffer 1d4 hitpoints fire damage.

Level 4-9: +2, Advantage vs dragon, 100’ warning, advantage on breath attack, 1D4 fire damage, Must draw blood before end of combat sequence or suffer 2d4 hitpoints.

Level 10+: +4, Extra attack vs dragon on each round, 150’ warning, advantage on breath, 1d4 fire damage, Must draw blood before end of combat sequence or suffer 3d4 hitpoints.

Damage: 1D12

Dragon’s Rage is crafted from the shoulder blade of a red dragon. The blade will never dull and is impervious to every form of fire, which grants the user resistance to fire breath weapon attacks. The axe is not an intelligent weapon but embodies a love of combat and creates an overwhelming feeling of bloodlust, rage, and euphoria in the wielder to continue to battle. The rage is especially strong against dragons. Additionally, while on fire, the axe blade will provide light in a 40’ radius, which unfortunately seems to always draw in more attackers.

Note: When roleplaying you should become filled with blood lust when battling after level 3. When the axe is on fire it fuels your rage.

The axe is not otherwise cursed and you can use other weapons.

Resistance to fire damage means any attack is halved. If you save then zero damage.

Misc Items:
2 Healing potions (2d4+2 hit points)
Bag of Athelas rooibos tea (5 doses; +2 hitpoints per dose max one per day to be taken before a long rest).


Torr grew up in his home village located in the Nether Mountains. He was trained as a fighter, as all young dwarves are, to defend their territory. Torr was always a little different than the rest of his clan, he preferred the outdoors and held a secret love of nature. Torr would dread the time spent under the mountain and harbored a hated of mines.

Torrgon "Torr" Hillbrand

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